Domain Name RegistrationDomain name, homepage URL, website address – no matter what you call it, it’s the first identification of your website new users will encounter. As such, it makes sense to choose a domain name that carefully reflects your vision for the site. WordPress-Website .Org makes it easy by providing domain naming and registration support.

Domain Naming

Our process to help you pick a domain name starts with a good old-fashioned brainstorming session. If your business is strictly local, we’ll research existing available names tied to your location. In North America, we favor .com over other top-level domains (TLDs). Conversely, international domains must be assigned the correct country code and top level domain (ccTLD) appropriate for the region. The end product will be about five key phrases that compactly represent your website’s function. We discard names that closely duplicate existing ones. We also like short names that are easy to type and remember. We avoid names with numbers in them unless the number is memorable, like 411. Through consultation, the winner usually becomes apparent quickly. Finally we ensure that the domain is unique and not infringing upon any copyrights.

Domain Registration

Whether you’re creating a new domain, buying one at auction or registering an orphaned one, let us take care of the details for you. We know the different domain registrars and will use the one offering the most functionality for the least price. Often, if the .com, .net and .org TLDs are all available, we scarf them up to prevent copycats from muddying the waters. We reserve the domain name for at least two years and request automatic renewal. We favor certifying websites and adding SSL because these elements instill trust in visitors. We create a business registration so that you have control over which details are made public regarding ownership of your domain. We can even arrange email accounts and WordPress hosting for you.

Domain registration is but one of the many services you’ll find at WordPress-Website .Org. Contact us today to learn more!