WordPress Maintenance and SupportYour website is important, even crucial, to the healthy operation of your business. That why we focus on the MSC: Maintenance, Support and Customization. Do you have the resources in-house to maintain your important WordPress website? We can assume that role and ensure your site remains secure, timely and functional whatever the challenge. Our technicians can diagnose and resolve problems with a minimum of fuss. And if you feel you site is not showing off your business in its best light, we can customize and develop alternatives that better match your vision. Because we are consultants, you can call on us when needed without incurring the high costs of internal staffing.

You see, we live and breathe WordPress. If your business depends on your website, you will need the kind of support we offer. We can keep your website current with periodic updates, ensure proper backup, provide custom development on short notice, or just answer some questions. Whatever your needs, our expertise will keep your website up, running and looking good.

WordPress Support & Development

We provide a comprehensive issue resolution service. Our experience has taught us that each issue is important and demands excellent care – the only kind we offer!

WordPress Technical Support

WordPress Technical Support

How well do you understand what it takes to make your website match your vision? We can answer any questions you have and explain how to fix problems as they inevitably arise. In addition to phone support, we can remotely inspect your system to isolate and fix problems.

WordPress Typography and Colors

Typography & Colors

Sometimes your initial color and font choices don’t wear well and you need a different look. Fear not! We will help you modify your site’s fonts and colors within specific contexts – such as headings, footings, and body copy -or even revise the entire site.

WordPress Style Sheet Control of Character Padding and Alignment

Style Sheet Control of Character Padding and Alignment

Don’t freak out because your website looks different in different browsers – we know how to handle that not-so-rare problem! We can correct CSS alignment issues quickly and expertly.

WordPress Ad Placement

WordPress Ad Placement

Most of our customers are looking to monetize their websites to help defray costs. Google Adsense is the most popular choice but not the only one. We can help you incorporate ads into your themes and widgets from a variety of affiliate sources. Whether it’s simple ad placement or a full marketing strategy, we can give you the support you need.

Copywriting for WordPress Content

Copywriting for WordPress Content

Nothing sinks a good looking website faster than subpar content. It’s hard to instill confidence in your product or service if your meaning is unclear and your sentences ill-formed. We offer professional content creation and management services that can copyedit your existing material or supply a fresh crop of new content. We’ll be happy to share examples of our work – you won’t be disappointed.

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Customization

We build powerful custom themes that can be customized to your very specific requirements. Everything from header images to footer layouts can be crafted to give your site the look and feel you envision.

WordPress Plug-in Installation, Configuration and Customization

WordPress Plug-in Installation, Configuration & Customization

There are literally thousands of WordPress plug-ins floating around cyberspace. Can you separate the gems from the dogs? We can, and do so frequently. Allows us to help you select, install and configure top quality plug-ins that enhance the functionality of your site. If we can’t find a plug-in that exactly meets your needs, we can customize existing ones. And if your requirements are truly unique, we offer custom plug-in development that can solve virtually any problem.

Transferring Domains

Transferring Domains

If your hair isn’t grey enough, we suggest you handle domain transfers on your own. Your hair will quickly be sporting the silver fox look (if you haven’t pulled it all out!) as you face issues of lost files, corrupted databases, misconfigured servers or files deposited in the wrong destination. Or… we can keep you and your barber happy by handling the entire process for you. We’re expert at host transfers, which means you can relax.

WordPress Upgrades and Release Management

WordPress Upgrades & Release Management

The folks at WordPress are forever making improvements that you will want to adopt. We can manage new WordPress releases for you and ensure backward compatibility with older versions. If a plug-in goes south due to a new WordPress release, we’ll quickly find or build you a new one that offers the same or superior functionality.

How We Make WordPress Magic

We’ve built a playbook to handle virtually every contingency. When you reach out to us for help, we suit up and get going:

  • Needs Assessment – what do you need, and why do you need it? We will carefully review your website’s design and features to make sure we understand the issue.
  • Scope – is the problem the size of a breadbox or an iceberg, or somewhere in-between? We prepare a remediation plan and cost estimate for your inspection and approval.
  • Access Your System – you supply us login and password information, we dive in and diagnose the problem.
  • Fix the Problem – With your approval we’ll execute our remediation plan in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Wrap-Up – We will of course notify you when the problem is corrected. But we’ll also go the extra mile and, if possible, provide guidance to help you avoid similar problems in the future.

We do all this so that our client’s don’t have to fret over tackling knotty technical problems on their own. And we love it when clients offer us helpful suggestions to further improve our services. You see, to you it might seem like a problem, but to us it’s an opportunity to help, learn and teach.

Contact us today at 954-590-0011 and let us address your website’s issues – even those not listed above. We have the expertise to get the job done quickly and correctly!