Why Use WordPress?WordPress gives ideas legs. You use it to formulate your ideas, share them with others and receive feedback from people who have ideas of their own. Here are some specific reasons that make WordPress the number one weblog platform in the world:

  • Easy to install and use. Plain-vanilla WordPress works well right out of the box (or should we say, right after download and installation). Upgrades are easy with WordPress’ one-click update feature.
  • Its personal software – you can update content as you see fit, and don’t need to be a PHP or MySQL guru to work effectively. And WordPress is W3C compliant, which means it follows all the rules that govern good online software.
  • Extensible design using themes, plug-ins and widgets provides a virtually limitless ability for additional functionality. Custom themes, such as the ones we build here at WordPress-Website.Com, provide a low-cost way to create software that exactly matches an individual’s vision.
  • SEO-friendly features like suppression of duplicate content, a clean Permalink system, pingbacks and trackbacks, dynamic categories and post and header tags allow search engines to more easily index WordPress websites correctly.
  • Support by experts like WordPress-Website.Org to ease users over the rough spots.

But really, this list just scratches the surface of the reasons why it makes sense to use WordPress. For instance, WordPress is shipped with powerful spam-protection software, Akismet, that eliminates comment spam. WordPress provides for blacklisting and open proxy checking, and there are additional security functions available through plug-ins. You can set up WordPress to require a reader to register a profile before leaving a comment, and comments can be moderated before publishing.

Besides being a really great platform for blogs, WordPress is a true content management system (CMS), which is a tool to manage the collaboration of information among a large number of individuals. User roles (author, editor, subscriber etc.) control how much data individuals can modify. That data is maintained in a central database allowing for easy retrieval and update. By simplifying the publication of web content to websites and mobile devices, WordPress frees users from having to gain expertise in its core technologies: HTML, PHP and MySQL.

We think WordPress offers the best mix of functionality and simplicity available today in the weblog platform market. That’s why we are dedicated to helping users extract its maximum value through consulting and customization services. Contact us today for a free review of your needs.